A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

Robert C. Martin

  • President and CEO Uncle Bob Consulting, Object Mentor

    Robert C. Martin, aka, Uncle Bob has been a software professional since 1970 and an international software consultant since 1990. In the last 40 years, he has worked in various capacities on literally hundreds of software projects. In 2001, he initiated the meeting of the group that created Agile Software Development from Extreme Programming techniques. He is also a leading member of the Worldwide Software Craftsmanship Movement - Clean Code.

    He has authored "landmark" books on Agile Programming, Extreme Programming, UML, Object-Oriented Programming, C++ Programming and most recently Clean Code and Clean Coder. He has published dozens of articles in various trade journals.

    He has written, directed and produced numerous "Code Casts" videos for software professionals.

    Bob is a regular speaker at international conferences and trade shows. He is a former editor of the C++ Report.

    Mr. Martin is the founder, CEO, and president of Uncle Bob Consulting, LLC and Object Mentor Incorporated.

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