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JavaFX for Business Application Developers

Michael Heinrichs

JavaFX is an environment for building rich client applications. Using a scenegraph at its core and providing many advanced features, e.g. effects, animations, media-support, it greatly simplifies the task of implementing expressive user interfaces with engaging user experience. The API is entirely provided as a Java API making it also available for other programming languages that run on top of the JVM.

This talk focuses on functionality in JavaFX, that is usually most interesting for business application developers, e.g. working with the SceneBuilder for rapid UI development, using layouts, UI controls with data-binding, CSS styling, and FXML. All concepts will be explained and demoed using a JavaFX client for a JavaEE 6 application.

After this talk you will have a good idea of how JavaFX can help you write more compelling user interfaces for your business applications efficiently.

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