A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

BOF: Game Development with JavaFX

Michael Heinrichs

JavaFX is an environment for building rich client applications. Using a scenegraph at its core and providing many advanced features, e.g. effects, animations, media-support, it greatly simplifies the task of implementing expressive user interfaces with engaging user experience. The API is entirely provided as a Java API making it also available for other programming languages that run on top of the JVM.

During this BOF, a game will be developed that uses the new JavaFX 2.0 library. Starting with an empty project, step by step all parts are coded live while the underlying concepts are explained. At the end of the talk, we will have covered all fundamental components of the JavaFX library (e.g. scenegraph, animation, events, bindings) including example code that uses these components.

After this talk you will have a good impression of what developing with JavaFX 2.0 feels like.

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