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Acceptance Test Driven Development with Arquillian

Bartosz Majsak

We all know that unit tests are great, but relying only on them is most of the times just an illusion of safety. Eventually we need to verify how our components are interacting or whether running in the target environment does not end up with some unexpected behaviour. Last but not least it all amounts to whether your application is providing the end user what he or she is really expecting. But how can Arquillian help us saving our users from frustration and keep them sane?

Along this journey we will see that the Arquillian ecosystem is way more than just integration testing. We will dive into the concept of ATDD and demonstrate how to build higher-level, end-to-end functional tests using the Arquillian Drone extension together with a WebDriver's concept called Page Objects. This concept makes our tests cleaner by providing reusable web testing components. To make it even better we will sugar coat our tests with a Groovy DSL for Behaviour Driven Development.

If you care about quality of your software you definitely shouldn't miss this talk!

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