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BOF: TypeSafe stack 2.0 and Scala Community Talk

Rafał Wasielewski

As new JVM-based languages like Xtend are continually being introduced, how will these impact the success of Scala over time?

As Java itself introduces features like modules and lambdas, will Java programmers wishing to add the functional paradigm simply stick with Java?

There has been some debate in the Scala community about the need to add features versus keeping it lean. Can you give us a sense of where Scala is headed? Does Scala need to become a bloated multiparadigm and multipurpose language to be considered mainstream?

Typesafe was founded to provide a set of open source technologies called the Typesafe Stack.

Complementing the stack, we offer a Typesafe Subscription that adds certified builds, professional maintenance, support, and operations tools.

Stack 2.0: Akka, Play, and Scala

Typesafe Stack Version 2.0 contains three distinct technologies that work great together or separately:

Akka (an event-driven middleware), Play (a web framework), and Scala (a programming language). A common thread is our mission to modernize software development on the Java Virtual Machine.

Some of what you'll find in Typesafe Stack 2.0:

Strategies for working in a world of horizontal scale . Modern software plans for more cores and more machines, rather than faster single cores.

• An emphasis on developer agility, productivity, and enthusiasm . Developers want to work quickly and focus on business logic rather than boilerplate.

• Fewer bugs. The Typesafe Stack has tools to avoid bugs up front . For example, Akka helps you avoid tricky thread synchronization issues, and Scala helps you write side-effect-free, typesafe code with fewer opportunities for error.

• An emphasis on pragmatic interoperability . The Typesafe Stack APIs can be used from Java or Scala or both; and they can be adopted incrementally. It's as simple as adding some jars to your project.

We will discuss about Scala community and we find a time for a free form talk!

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