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Video recording from 33rd Degree 2012

05 listopad 2012

See youtube playlist and expect new video every couple days.

Photos from 33rd Degree 2012

31 maj 2012

Here they are.

33rd Degree 2013

16 maj 2012

If you do not want to miss registration for 33rd Degree 2013, please sign up and we will notify you via email when registration starts.

You about 33rd Degree

26 marzec 2012

Like last year, in addition to your comments on twitter with #33degree tag, we will be collecting all blogposts (no censorship). If you wrote one, please send it to kontakt@dworld.pl. We will draw 1 free ticket for 33rd Degree 2013 among all blog posts authors.

Thanks for being part of 33rd Degree ...


Participant FAQ and links

18 marzec 2012


What is going on now

Conference Book (to view on devices)

Conference Book (to print)



20 new tickets!!!

05 marzec 2012

We have identified around 20 new tickets. Hurry up if you want to join 700 Java Masters. They will be sold out in 1-2 days.

As they are additional and not planned registrations you will not be able to order lunch and you may not get conference materials. However, you will be part of this great 33rd...


O'Reilly books preorder

27 luty 2012

As last year, we will host O'Reilly bookstore with 40% discounts on all books.

You can also preorder book right now to make sure it will be available during 33rd Degree. Please fill in this form...


We are SOLD OUT!!!

21 luty 2012

We have sold out all tickets for 33rd Degree 2012 almost exactly 1 month before conference starts.

If you would like to attend, please register for Wait List. We are contacting people who hasn't paid and sometimes they has to resign from attending 33rd Degree. There are also couple duplicated regi...


Conference SOLD OUT? No, we add 100 more seats

12 luty 2012

We have reached 500 participants and we should have closed registration 5 weeks before conference. However, we decided to add 1 room in Hotel Express by Holiday Inn, to accommodate 100 more participants. It is just next door hotel (50 meters from door to door).

Be hurry, we don't have more opportun...


Mobile app for 33rd Degree

09 styczeń 2012

We (I mean Blazej Bucko) have just released simple mobile/web app for 33rd Degree 2012. Despite it is so simple, it still contains all necessary information like talk abstracts as well as room and time information, speaker bio, current and coming talks....