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Participant FAQ and links

Participant FAQ and links

18 marzec 2012


What is going on now

Conference Book (to view on devices)

Conference Book (to print)

Conference rooms

We have added 1 room comparing to last year to accommodate as many people as possible and at the same time provide space for participants. We have 15% free seats, so it should be enough to allow you to choose talk you want. Room Luxoft, Atlassian, D and E are located in Best Western hotel. Room Touk is located in hotel next door - Express by Holiday Inn.


This year we have dedicated 100Mb/s internet connection sponsored by EPAM. However, keep in mind that providing WiFi access to 700 IT guys is always a challenge. Please use WiFi when you need it, but also try to use offline pdf for schedule and talks details as well as onsite information boards. If you have 3G with flat rate, please use it instead, and turn off your WiFi. It will help us provide better WiFi experience for those who doesn’t have 3G.


There are multiple toilets in both hotels. Please take a look at the plan on the last page for locations.

Offline content

Some of conferences call it “going eco”. We call it “save participants money”. This is the reason why we decided to not print out conference materials, but you can download this pdf with all necessary information and browse it on your device. If you want printed copy, you can make it yourself. We will also provide limited number of printed conference agenda. You will be able also to use our onsite boards and online wall presented at exhibition area.

Onsite boards

For your convenience we provide conference schedule at the onsite wall in Best Western and Express by Holiday Inn. We believe it will be nice and easy way to access information you need to choose next talk.


At the exhibition area we will be showing all current and coming talks at the 40” LCD. You can also access it at http://2012.33degree.org/now.

Retrospection board

At the Best Western hotel, we have put retrospection board. You can write your comments what is good and what is bad about 33rd Degree. We will do our best to emphasise good things and eliminate bad as fast as we can. You can also contact registration desk to leave your comment or send email to kontakt@dworld.pl.

Lunch breaks

Serving 500 lunches with nice “restaurant-like” experience is a challenge. We didn’t want to serve you packed lunches, so please cooperate with us and try to go for lunch 10, 20 or even 30 minutes after lunch break starts. Otherwise you will have to stay in 500 people long queue. Take this opportunity and speak to friends and join lunch later. Food will be waiting for you and we have 60 minutes to eat. So no worries. You will not be hungry during afternoon talks.

O’Reilly books

This is second year in a row we host O’Reilly bookstore with 40% discounts. Prices are lower than on amazon.com, so take opportunity and buy nice gift from conference. If you are brave enough you can ask our speakers to sign a copy for you.

Join the Rebellion party

Second year in a row, Zero Turnaround will sponsor beer party at the first day. We will start at 5:30pm next to Zero Turnaround booth at the exhibition area. Come by and have a beer with nice guys from Zero Turnaround.

Late night gatherings

For late night meetings, you can choose whatever pub you want. However, we would like to suggest you one pub that is special in Krakow. It is House of Beer (http://www.houseofbeerkrakow.com/). With 150 kinds of local beers, you can enjoy 33rd Degree conference even better. And there is high possibility you can meet there other conference participants and speakers as well.


You are required to wear a badge for the whole time you are at the conference venue. It includes both Best Western and Express by Holiday Inn hotels, as well as lunch breaks.

Blog contest

Come back home and write a blog post about new and cool stuff you have just heard at 33rd Degree. Help us spread the word about 33rd Degree and make 2013 edition even better. Please send us link to your blog entry at kontakt@dworld.pl. We will publish it on the conference website and you will have a chance to win a free ticket for 33rd Degree 2013.

Video recording

We are recording most of the sessions. We will be publishing videos systematically throughout the whole year. We will inform you via email after the conference wher you can watch recordings from sessions you were not able to attend.


If you have provided us invoicing details and you require paper invoice, you collect it at the registration desk starting after lunch break on the Day 1.

Emergency contact

All rooms should have person responsible for all technical stuff. However, if you experience that something is not working properly, you can contact registration desk or call me directly at +48 691 793 877. I speak Polish and English. You can call me Grzegorz ;)

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